5W Red Light Therapy Lamp (5pcs LED)

5pcs LED 5W 660nm, 850nm (1:1) Light Bulb for Plant Growth Light or Aquarium Light Bulb

Additional information


Specification of Red Light Therapy Lamp 5pcs LED (5W)

  • Lamp Power : 5W
  • LED Pcs : 5PCS 1W
  • Actual Output : 3W+-5%
  • Wavelengths: 660nm, 850nm (1:1)
  • Product Dimension : 75*50mm
  • Lamp Material : aluminium
  • Product Net Weight : ~50g
  • Beam Angle : 60 degree
  • Input Voltage : AC100-265V 50/60Hz
  • Socket: E27/E26 standard
  • Irradiance :
         3cm :15.8 mW / c㎡
         5cm : 13.38 mW / c㎡
        10cm : 11.3 mW / c㎡
  • Model: 5W(5LED)


Packing List:

  • Red Light Therapy Lamp x 1pc
  • User Manual x 1pc


or Email to sales@heclx.com for fast reply. Welcome distributor, OEM/ODM
5W Red Light Therapy Lamp (5pcs LED)

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